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Why having a Regular Office Cleaning Schedule is important For Your Workplace?

What are the advantages of regular office cleaning? Why does your company require expert cleaning on a regular basis? It’s past time for you to think about employing a professional commercial cleaning service provider.
You cannot afford to put your staff and customers at risk of contracting Covid 19. Regular office cleaning by professionals will assure that everyone in the workplace is healthy and safe. The article below will explain the importance of having a regular office cleaning schedule.

#1 Better Cleaning Result

The best method to maintain constant disinfection and allergy elimination is to clean on a regular basis. Implementing more regular office cleaning services allows us to concentrate on maintaining excellent indoor air quality, which has a significant impact on the employees of your facility.
Spending some time and implementing detailed regular office cleaning into your building specifications can effectively improve the quality of your final cleaning result. Weekly to quarterly cleaning procedures such as high and low dusting, thorough vacuuming, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning may make a huge difference in the health of your office.


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#2 Pandemic Cleaning

Setting and sticking to an office disinfection schedule is now more important than ever. In order to maintain the health of the members in the office, it is deemed necessary to employ a certain methodology along with setting designated days and areas for regular cleaning and disinfection services.
We’ve done our research to learn more about how regular office cleaning by professional technicians can help businesses to resume function in the physical workplace. Learn more about our disinfection services and how we can apply them at your facility by visiting our Ultimo Cleaning Services website.


#3 Professional work environment

Having your office cleaned on a regular basis will guarantee that it looks at its best at all times, which is especially important when clients come to visit or you’re trying to recruit new employees — first impressions do matter. Stepping through the door into a clean, well-organized office puts everyone on the same page and ready to work without interruptions.

#4 Minimizes Absenteeism

A regular office cleaning routine helps to keep your office clean and sanitary. Bacteria may quickly spread around an office if left unsanitised; hotspots for germs include telephones, keyboards and mice, door handles, photocopiers, and the list goes on. The only method to avoid transferring bacteria and viruses to co-workers is to clean the office daily and use antibacterial wipes on office equipment. As a result, this will reduce employee absences due to illness.
The frequency of office cleaning varies from office to office similarly from industry to industry. Implementing a regular office cleaning schedule that fits you and your team’s schedule will help ensure the health, safety, and productivity of your employees. At Ultimo Cleaning Services, we offer a full range of office cleaning services from daily cleaning, deep cleaning to upholstery cleaning. Contact a member of our friendly team to discuss regular cleaning your company’s office.