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Why Does My Mattress Feel Itchy?

Have you ever been itchy but couldn’t tell why? Well, your bedsheets could be the culprit. No matter how flawless your mattress appears on the outside, your bed sheets may tuck away a breeding ground for pests ranging from bed bugs to dust mites right where you sleep.
These pests really make a person itching miserably at night when they should be sleeping soundly in their bed!
However, it turns out that these microscopic, flightless, wingless insects aren’t the only bugs hidden under your blankets that cause extreme itching, feeding on dried perspiration, saliva, blood, and any other body fluids you can think of.

Type of pests & Causes

Scabies Mites

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Scabies Mites or Sarcoptes Scabiei is a kind of microscopic mite that causes skin infection known as scabies. Untreated, these mites can live for months on your skin and cause symptoms. Scabies mites can live for up to 2 to 3 days when not on a human. This means they can only survive for this long on a mattress and other surfaces as they reproduce on the surface of human skin and then burrow into it and lay eggs.
These mites are easily passed between people. The most typical route to spread infection is through direct skin-to-skin contact. The mites can also spread through furniture, clothes and beddings.
The symptoms you will get from these mites are intense itching and a pimple-like skin rash.

Dust Mites

Dust mite allergens can be found in places wherever there is fabric. Dust mites are tiny insects that feed on the dead skin cells of your body. Mattresses, upholstered furniture, bedding materials such as pillows and comforters, carpets and rugs, curtains, plush animals, and other items are all places where they dwell and die.
As they live and die, they produce faecal matter and these droppings trigger a dust mite allergy in people who don’t know they exist. Any doctor will tell you that mites can make asthma attacks even worse.
The symptoms you get if you are allergic to them are extreme itching, itching red or watery eyes, itching nose, development of a red and itchy bump where the dust mite extract was pricked. Conclusively, if you feel your skin itching at night, there is a high possibility these small creatures are causing it.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are quarter-inch long blood-eating insects. They literally live on the blood of other living things and usually feed at night. If you find that you are itchy and have red bumps waking up from your sleep, then it may be a sign of bed bug infestation.
They usually crawl towards their energy sources, such as the blood of humans and pets if it’s breeding in your house. They can survive up to a year without feeding, thus it is crucial to terminate them in order to by hiring a professional mattress cleaning service provider.

How to get rid of these pests?

Although utilizing home remedies is able to provide you with some relief from the itching, for the time being, it is not effective. The best way to subside the intensive skin itching you get from these pests is to eliminate them by employing an upholstery cleaning service or pest control specialist. Treatment methods like steam cleaning, deep vacuuming and shampooing, use of specific chemicals will be provided by them according to the condition of your infestation.
We at Ultimo Cleaning Services is the perfect “doctor” that you will need to stop your itching at night, We can effectively get rid of these pesky allergens as we utilize up to 170-degree hot water extraction and an intensive steam cleaning system which can help to kill bacteria and germs, remove dead skins, flakes and other micro-particles. Most importantly is to save you from the intense itching to provide a quality night sleep for you which creates a better and healthy living environment.

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