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What Can Dirty Upholstery Do To Your Health?

In Singapore, everyone recognises the value of clean environment, which motivates individuals to devote time to it. But do you know simple vacuuming and DIY techniques for upholstered furniture are insufficient? Upholstery furniture like sofa, mattress and carpets is a hotbed for allergens, dirt, and microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. Upholstery, according to the upholstery specialists, requires professional and thorough deep cleaning on a regular basis utilizing appropriate upholstery deep cleaning equipment.
Regular cleaning may appear to be sufficient, but germs, dust mites, and other pollutants can hide in the upholstery since they are not apparent to the naked eye. Diseases can be spread by bacteria, dust mites, and other unpleasant waste. We will discuss five primary illnesses transmitted by these hidden contaminants in this blog article. We bet you will begin looking for professional upholstery deep cleaning near you in SIngapore after reading this blog piece!
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Impact of Dirty Upholstery #1: Stress
A clean and healthy atmosphere, according to research, brings peace to the heart and soul, but a dirty and unhealthy environment causes stress. Stress may not cause immediate injury, but it acts as an incremental poison on your body. It suppresses your immune system and makes you more prone to infections over time. It is scientifically proved that people who experience a lot of stress are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiac disorders.
The following diseases may not appear to be life-threatening, but if ignored, they can be fatal. When you have specialists on hand, deep cleaning upholstery is not difficult. It’s wiser to spend a little money to deep clean your upholstery rather than spending it on medical expenses. You may also use a vacuum cleaner to clean your upholstery in order to maintain your surroundings clean and healthy.
Impact of Dirty Upholstery #2: Respiratory Disease
Pet hair, dust in the air, and human skin cells further adds on to the accumulated germs on upholstery, especially sofa and bed, in the form of microorganisms, moulds, and dust mites. Allergies, cough, runny noses, nasal irritation, and asthma can all be caused by these germs. Neurotoxicity, hypersensitivity, and cancer have all been linked to long-term exposure to them, that linger around dirty upholstery.
Impact of Dirty Upholstery #3: Allergies
Allergies are quite common and prevalent. Dirt that has accumulated in your upholstery for a long time triggers allergic responses. Continuous sneezing, itchy skin, throat infection, and lethargy are examples of allergic responses.
Impact of Dirty Upholstery #4: Skin Infection
Irritants, both living and non-living, can cause itching, redness, and, in rare circumstances, swelling in uncleaned upholstery. The exposed bottom side of the human’s arm makes the most contact with the upholstery and it is the area of the arm that is most affected by unclean upholstery.
The filthy particles on the dirty upholstery attract additional pests, such as vermin, which can further exacerbating the problem. In certain circumstances, these germ-carrying irritants are the cause of asthma.
Impact of Dirty Upholstery #5: Gastrointestinal Infections
Kids have a tendency of picking up items from the sofas and the floor and sticking them into their mouths. This allows the bacteria from unclean upholstery to enter their stomachs, resulting in intestinal infections and other ailments.
To prevent the above happening to you and your loved ones, we suggest that regular upholstery deep cleaning should be performed regularly to keep your living space clean and healthy! Maintaining spotless upholstery and healthy air free from allergens and harmful bacteria are not easy because professional tools and patience are required.
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