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Spring Cleaning Checklist: Some Areas in the Home You May Have Missed

Maintaining a clean and spotless house is essential for your overall health and pleasure. Life might get stressful at times, and it can seem impossible to keep it together. Cleaning your house from top to bottom can be intimidating. The most important piece of advice we can provide you a spring cleaning checklist for you to ensure your house in a tip-top cleanliness environment.

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1. Living Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

Living rooms are the place in your home where everyone gathers together at least once a day. Keeping it clean and tidy is essential, while this is an area where you spend the most of your time entertaining your relatives and friends. Although the living room is cleaned on a regular basis to remove dust from the furniture and filth and stains from the floor, there are some things that are ignored or just require a deeper clean, much like the rest of the house. Spring cleaning, on the other hand, is supposed to take care of that!

✅ Remove cobwebs
✅ Dust ceiling, walls, and baseboards
✅ Sanitise switchboards and door knobs/handles
✅ Clean fan blades
✅ Dust curtain rods, blinds, and sill
✅ Wash windows
✅ Dust cabinet tops and shelves
✅ Vacuum upholstery; deep clean thereafter
✅ Clean and polish furniture
✅ Clean behind and underneath furniture
✅ Deep clean carpets/rugs
✅ Wipe down table legs and chairs
✅ Dust lampshades and all knickknacks
✅ Vacuum and mop the floor
✅ Dust light fixtures and wall fixtures
✅ Launder curtains, removable cushion covers and pillows
✅ Wipe remotes with disinfectant wipes

2. Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

It is critical to have a clean and pleasant bedroom in order to receive a good night’s sleep and preserve general health. It’s amazing how quickly clutter can build up in a bedroom. These bedroom spring cleaning techniques will assist you in keeping your room as tidy as possible so that you can sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

✅ Clean the ceiling + fixtures such as fans and lights
✅ Dust the tops of cabinets and the closet
✅ Dust wall decor/ornaments
✅ Declutter and clean bedroom furniture such as desks, bookshelves, dressers, bedside tables, etc
✅ Wipe curtain rods, window frames and blinds
✅ Wash windows
✅ Clean under the bed and other furniture
✅ Sweep/vacuum and mop the floor
✅ Launder bedroom linen including curtains
✅ Mattress Cleaning
✅ Pillow Washing
✅ Reorganise closet, dresser and shoe storage

3. Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

Our kitchens have been putting forth long hours. After months of preparing more home-cooked meals than you’ve probably ever made before, it’s probably time to start over. Is time to have kitchen spring cleaning to keep it looking, smelling, and working like new.

✅ Dust the ceiling + fixtures
✅ Dust walls, light fixtures, baseboards, and switchboards
✅ Clean wall-mounted fixtures such as hooks and racks
✅ Clean out and reorganise kitchen cabinets and drawers; get rid of unused items taking up space
✅ Replace shelf liners
✅ Clean kitchen cabinet tops; wipe down exteriors
✅ Sanitise all knobs and handles
✅ Wash windows, wipe down blinds and sill
✅ Scrub backslash tiles to remove grease and stains
✅ Dispose of expired products from the pantry and refrigerator
✅ Wipe down exteriors of all kitchen appliances
✅ Deep clean appliances – refrigerator and freezer, microwave, oven, oven racks, coffee maker and toaster
✅ Clean stove top and rangehood
✅ Deep clean dishwasher and garbage disposal
✅ Clean the sink
✅ Wipe down counters and tables
✅ Dust miscellaneous kitchen items exposed to dust
✅ Launder rugs
✅ Sweep and mop the floor

4. Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

No one likes cleaning the bathroom, but if you deep spring cleaning it, you can ensure your bathroom is clean, tidy and welcoming for any guests you want to have over. Read on for some cleaning tips for your surfaces, walls, floor, shower, and toilet.

✅ Remove cobwebs and dust from the ceiling
✅ Clean windowsill and glass panes
✅ Deep clean toothbrush holder and soap tray
✅ Clean out vanity and reorganise contents
✅ Clean the mirror
✅ Wipe down bathroom fittings including racks and towel holders
✅ Scrub bathtub or shower area to remove grime build-up
✅ Clean underneath sink
✅ Washout sink and wipe down faucets with disinfectant wipes
✅ Wipe counters
✅ Deep clean showerhead
✅ Scrub wall tiles
✅ Dust light fixtures
✅ Clean toilet bowl interiors and exteriors
✅ Clean glass shower door
✅ Scrub tile grout and wash the floor
✅ Launder bathroom rug/mat

When spring cleaning your home, one of the most important things to remember is to spend as much time as you need to finish each task efficiently. More importantly, if you don’t give yourself enough time to accomplish it, spring cleaning will absolutely exhaust you. Ultimo Cleaning Services recommends cleaning 1-2 rooms per day or simply scheduling our expert spring cleaning service in Singapore to save time and effort. Besides, we’re having a limited-time promotion where you can enjoy $60 off upholstery deep cleaning, contact us before the promo ends!