Your bed is where you spend over a third of your life. Dead skin cells and bacteria often build up over time, so deep cleaning is an absolute necessity.

Do you realise that simply changing your mattress isn’t enough to maintain your sleeping area free of allergies and pollutants? Millions of dust mites, bugs, and germs thrive in your mattresses, making them ideal breeding grounds. However, cleaning a mattress can be a nightmare for many people because of its weight.
At Ultimo Cleaning, we are here to help you out. Leave this laborious mattress cleaning job to us! We will use a mattress cleaning technique that will successfully kill and eliminate bacteria and dangerous bugs from all fabric materials. We use the latest steam cleaning techniques, as well as hot water extraction, to give your mattress a deeper clean than others.
Other than the dust and dust mites, it is undeniable that stubborn stains on a mattress are also difficult to remove. To keep your mattress looking good and new, our stain removal cleaning experts strongly recommend you to engage a stain removal treatment service to remove the stains on your mattress as soon as they are detected.
As a professional mattress stain removal cleaning service provider, Ultimo Cleaning has finally created an effective and safe stain removal solution for mattress stains. However, just like any other stain removal product in the market, we cannot guarantee 100% stain removal because the success of stain removal treatment depends on the nature and duration of the stain but we will conduct an effective stain removal treatment to lessen the stains on your mattress during our mattress stain removal cleaning.
After our professional mattress cleaning and stain removal service, you will be able to breathe and sleep easier. The symptoms of dust mite allergy will be reduced, and you won’t have to worry about sleeping on a mattress with millions of tiny dust mites and stains.

Professional Mattress Cleaning

With our 5-steps deep cleaning process, you’ll have a clean mattress, just like when you first got it!

Deep Vacuuming

Remove dust and dust mite


Remove odours smell


Soft tip power brushing to break stains for efficient stain removal

170 degree Hot Water Extraction

Remove dead skins, flakes and other micro-particles
Steaming & Sanitisation icon upholstery cleaning singapore ultimo cleaning services

Steaming & Sanitisation

Kills bacteria and germs

Our outstanding mattress cleaning and stain removal service at Ultimo Cleaning are suitable for different types of mattresses:

Single/Super single size

Queen size

King size

Super king size

Baby Cot ( Add On )


Listen to our happy customers to see how much different Ultimo Cleaning can make to your mattress!
Irene Ho
Irene Ho
NOVEMBER 13, 2020
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Good stain removal cleaning for my mattress. I was impressed after my mattresses were clean and most of the stains were gone. They were also very responsive with our message.
Vienna Goh
Vienna Goh
JUNE 30, 2020
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Came across Ultimo Cleaning Services on Facebook. I initially wanted to get a new mattress but my boyfriend and I plan on moving to a new place soon so we thought it’d be a waste to invest in a new mattress now. The only other alternative was to get the current mattress cleaned so I messaged them on Facebook. They were quick to reply and we arranged an appointment. The mattress isn’t covered in stains (just one patch, about 15cm?) but it was a lot less obvious after the stain removal cleaning session. Thanks a lot Alan and Daniel, appreciate it. 🙂
Syidah Ayuni
Syidah Ayuni
AUGUST 4, 2021
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Last minute looking for someone to clean up my mattress! & we love it! Our bed is now clean! THANK YOU!
Kathy Toh
Kathy Toh
JUNE 17, 2021
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Great stain removal cleaning service and friendly staff, my 3 mattresses are clean and almost all the stains are gone. Can't believe that those stains can be removed as those are very old stains on my mattresses.
Dayyan James
Dayyan James
APRIL 12, 2021
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Very good mattress stain removal cleaning service by Ultimo. I saw their advert on Facebook just as I was thinking it was time to give the king sized mattress a clean. The staff was on time, friendly and ultimately my mattress was way whiter when he was done. Recommended and I’ll use them again.