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How Often Do You Clean your Curtain?

Curtain is one of the essential decorations and protection for your home. They not only enhance the appearance at home but they also block strong sunlight from coming in and privacy protection.

Take a tour of your house and have a look at the curtain. When was the last time that you did curtain cleaning? Light-coloured curtain are unlikely to reveal dust. Most people always overlook the cleanliness of the curtain. We only pay attention to general house cleaning and upholstery cleaning but forget about curtain cleaning.

Do you know? Curtain might be the dirtiest household in your home! Curtain without cleaning will naturally absorb odours and dust over time. The symptoms and the common health issues that are caused by the mold, dust, mildew and other dangerous bacteria on the dirty curtain will be running nose, itchiness, red eyes, sneezing, coughing and so on.

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It always seems like a big job for curtain cleaning in a regular basis. There are a lot of house owners who are still unsure how to do curtain cleaning and the right way to clean it. Here are some of the effective tips for curtain cleaning:

Machine washing

Before doing curtain cleaning, you can always check the label care instructions for your curtain to see if your curtains are fully machine washable. After washing from the machine, expose your curtain to a nice sunny place to air dry where possible. It is always good to iron your curtain when they are still a little damp, then hang them up immediately to prevent wrinkling.

*Always remember: Only iron/ spin them if the care label recommends.

Dry-cleaning curtain

Not every curtain is suitable for machine washing. Curtains that are made of velvet, wool, velour, chenille, linen, silk, tapestry or other sensitive fabrics will need to be professionally dry cleaned. If you simply do your curtain cleaning in the washing machine, it can easily cause damage to your premium curtains by detergent and constant rubbing action in it. It is important to take care and clean it professionally without fading or shrinking.


We recommend using your vacuum cleaner to remove any surface dirt or dust when you are unable to wash it. This will remove the dirt that has been absorbed over time and even brighten the curtain. Use a soft brush or small nozzle which can attach to your vacuum to gently clean the curtain whilst they are hanging. Some people might only focus on curtain cleaning but overlook the top of the curtain rail as there is a place that tends to gather dust.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning can rapidly kill 100% dust mites and remove allergies from your curtains. Due to the high humidity in Singapore, dust mites can be found in almost every residence. The most important part of steam cleaning is extremely clean and eco-friendly. This cleaning technique can necessarily prolong your curtain’s life, get rid of stubborn stains and revive its fancy looks.

Regular professional curtain cleaning is important to keep your family healthy. To ensure the longevity and beauty of your curtain, consider. Ultimo’s Curtain Cleaning this weekend to dry steam cleaning your curtain with our 3-steps (Deep Vacuuming – 170 Degree Steaming – Odour and Disinfectant Removal Spray) on-site curtain cleaning process, you’ll enjoy a clean curtain like you’ve never experienced before. We’re having a limited-time promotion where you can enjoy $60 off upholstery deep cleaning, contact us before the promo ends!