Disinfection Cleaning

Need to disinfect your workplace before an event? We use industry-grade disinfectants to wipe out germs and viruses.

Our disinfection cleaning service is ideal for all business sectors in Singapore, including offices, tuition centres, workshops, warehouses, and gyms. Our trained disinfection cleaning team will follow the NEA guidelines in order to provide disinfection cleaning services at your workplace.

We will use industry-grade disinfectants to wipe out germs and kill all kind of viruses. This disinfection cleaning technology will eradicate surface-based germs and viruses effectively. It also creates a persistent barrier on the surfaces, allowing the disinfectant to function for days after the treatment is completed.

Why Choose Us?

Long-lasting Disinfection Protection

Ultimo Cleaning Services does more than disinfect. Regular household cleaning products only disinfect on a once-off basis, leaving the surface vulnerable to reinfection. Ultimo Cleaning Services disinfects and actively protects. Ultimo Cleaning Services solution will continue to be effective against viruses, bacteria and mould that come into contact with the surface. 

What Does Our Disinfection Service Offer?

  • Dedicated and validated working protocol
  • Intervention 24/7 manpower cleaning
  • Experienced cleaning specialists
  • Specially trained personnel for deep cleaning projects
  • In-depth and detailed preliminary risk assessment
  • Preventative and post COVID-19 disinfection services
  • Post-COVID Furniture Steam Cleaning – Upholstery; Sofa, Mattress, Beddings and more   


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Christlyn Sangeetha
Christlyn Sangeetha
FEBRUARY 22, 2020
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Thank you so much. Will definitely use your disinfection cleaning service again.

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FAQ about Upholstery cleaning for Sofa, Mattress, Carpet and more

In Singapore, upholstery cleaning is often engaged to deep clean the fabric or leather furniture like sofa, mattress and carpet using high heat steaming and extraction process. Upholstery cleaning is an important process of removing dirt, bacteria and dust mists in your home’s soft furnishings or fabrics such as chairs, sofas, mattresses, carpets. Professional upholstery cleaning penetrates the fibres of the furniture to remove any dander and dust that has accumulated over time, thereby improving air quality.
The greater care you give your upholsteries, the longer they will last. Sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning and bed cleaning prevent stains from forming on the furniture. It removes any substance that may become permanently stuck to your upholstery if you do not maintain it properly; upholstery cleaning extends the life of your furniture.
Upholsteries are sensitive and require expert expertise and attention. Professional upholstery cleaning technicians from Ultimo Cleaning are trained to identify the most appropriate cleaning method for each type of material. We’ll figure out the safest and most productive technique to clean your upholsteries.
Save up to $60 by getting Ultimo upholstery deep cleaning promotion for your sofas, mattresses and carpets. Best upholstery promotion in Singapore by Ultimo Cleaning.
You’ve waited for too long if you wait until your upholstery is visibly stained or dirty before having it professionally cleaned. It’s critical to get your furniture (e.g. sofa, mattress, carpet etc) professionally cleaned on a regular basis because it’s constantly exposed to dirt, allergies, bacteria, and other hazardous substances.
Upholstery cleaning is typically performed every six months. If you have pets or live in a humid area, then you should increase the frequency to at least once every three months, in addition to vacuuming it weekly and spot cleaning as needed.
Vacuuming and spot cleaning are acceptable do-it-yourself tasks, but upholstery deep cleaning should be left to the professional team. Although spot cleaning is acceptable for removing stains, it is critical to use the correct upholstery cleaning solution to avoid permanent stains on your upholstery.
Most companies clean your upholstery with merely water extraction, but we use hot water and 170-degree hot steaming, as well as a UV light in the waste tank, to prevent bacteria from spreading throughout the room while cleaning. You can trust us to clean your sofa, mattress, carpet and more!
Your sofa and mattress are the furniture that is used most often in your home while the carpet also gets used maximum in both home and office. Therefore, it is important to have them deep-cleaned on a regular basis as body fluids and other substances will be absorbed by the upholstery when people sit on them.
Over time, dirt, grime, grease, and stains will accumulate on your upholstery, making it appear dirty. Because you can’t reach the cracks in the upholstery with a moist towel or a little detergent, your normal cleaning won’t work. All of this will make your upholstery appear dirty, gloomy, and old.
Another reason to clean is that dirt and grime on the upholstery can breed bacteria and other hazardous organisms, posing a health risk to your family or those who visit your business as well as those who work there.
In Singapore, there are numerous carpet cleaning professionals. Many people have discovered that it is preferable to delegate tasks to carpet cleaning specialists since they perform better in carpet cleaning. When people see their carpets looking clean and new after being cleaned by professional technicians, they are overjoyed.
Our carpet cleaning services in Singapore will be more than enough to help you give your carpets a fresh look and maintain them free of pollutants and unpleasant substances! We will use professional carpet cleaning machines and carpet shampooing to clean your carpet. This will completely remove all dirt and dust while preventing the carpet from being overly saturated.
As a professional upholstery cleaning company, we also will make sure that no residue is left in the carpet after the cleaning, which could encourage bacteria to breed again.