Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are quickly dirted in a hot and humid environment and often act as dust and odours collectors. Engage our curtain cleaning services to clean your curtains on-site today!

Have you ever checked to see how much dust has accumulated on the surfaces of your curtains? Curtains, like carpets and other materials, operate as air filters. They collect and hold dust and odours in the air.
In Singapore, curtains are quickly dirtied due to the hot and humid atmosphere. When it comes to curtain cleaning, they are frequently overlooked by homeowners.

Ultimo Cleaning’s curtain cleaning service is ready for you!

To avoid damage and maintain the fabric of the curtain, you can have your curtains cleaned on-site by a professional curtain cleaning company like Ultimo Cleaning. Our steaming machine not only destroys bacteria and germs but also eliminates all dust particles that may stay on your curtains. We always take a professional curtain cleaning approach to every customer, and we never compromise on the quality or perfection of the on-site curtain cleaning service we provide.
On-site cleaning curtains with Ultimo Cleaning is simple, stress-free and efficient. No dismantling is required with our on-site service. In just a few hours, your curtain will be ready.
Our excellent method will ensure that your curtains retain their colour and do not shrink, especially if they are rubber-backed and difficult to clean. It is advised to clean the curtains regularly to ensure that your curtains are free of germs.

Trusted Dry Steam Curtain Cleaning in Singapore

With our 3-steps on-site curtain cleaning process, you’ll enjoy a clean curtain like you’ve never experienced before!

Deep Vacuuming

Remove dust and dust mite
Steaming & Sanitisation icon upholstery cleaning singapore ultimo cleaning services

170 Degree Steaming

Kill bacteria and germs
disinfectant upholstery cleaning singapore ultimo cleaning services

Odour and Disinfectant Removal Spray

Remove odours smell


Listen to our happy customers to see how much difference on-site Ultimo Curtain Cleaning can do to your curtains!