Carpet Cleaning for Residential & Commercial

Carpets trap enormous amounts of dirt, bacteria, and even mould. Walking on them disperses them into the air creating an unhealthy air quality. Regular cleaning is essential in keeping your home or office clean.

Your carpet is more than just a piece of cloth that protects your floors and enhances the look of your home’s or office’s interior. However, we use our carpets every day, but we don’t clean them regularly. Besides, one of the most commonly overlooked areas in a commercial enterprise is the carpet in a carpeted office.
Do you know?
No matter how well you vacuum your carpet, the dust mites, germs, and other allergens are still present in your carpet. Allowing dust and bacteria to accumulate in rugs and carpets can be hazardous, especially if you or your loved ones suffer from certain health diseases. Tiny dust particles will be released into the environment when someone walks through the carpet. As a result, your family or employees will inhale the harmful particles released from the carpet.

Notorious Stains on Your Carpet

Do you realise that there are also several reasons that cause your residential or commercial carpets to become notorious stained, dull, and dirty especially if you have pets and kids? The permanent discolouration will happen on your carpet when the stains are absorbed deep within the carpet fibres. These stains can become permanent if not treated correctly. Thus, it is a good opportunity to engage a professional carpet cleaning and stain removal company! Carpet cleaning and stain removal are challenging, and it may need both appropriate stain removal cleaning solutions to achieve the best results and keep your carpet looking new.

Effective Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal in Singapore

Having a deep cleaning of a carpet will be able to remove the contaminants that have accumulated in the carpet over time. Our carpet cleaning and stain removal services in Singapore will be more than enough to help you give your carpets a fresh look and maintain them free of pollutants and unpleasant substances! Our professional cleaners will use professional carpet stain removal cleaning machines and carpet shampooing to clean your carpet. We guarantee that the results of carpet cleaning and stain removal services will safeguard our customers’ health from these problems.

Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal Service That You Can Trust

Other than effective carpet cleaning, Ultimo Cleaning also includes innovative carpet stain removal services in the deep cleaning process in Singapore. Red wine, coffee, tea, milk, vomit, pet urine stains, excrement, blood, rust, grease, ink, tar, and marker pen are just a few of the stains we help our customers with daily. You can rely on our professional stain removal cleaning service to restore the previous glory of your carpet.
Simply sit back and relax while we take care of your carpet stain removal cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal for Commercial Business

Our effective upholstery fabric cleaning procedure is ideal for a wide range of fabric types, including:

Offices & Shop Houses




Residential & Commercial Carpet Stain Removal Cleaning

With our 3-steps deep cleaning process, you’ll enjoy a clean carpet as you’ve never experienced before!


Remove dust and dust mite


Remove odours smell

Water Extraction

Remove stains, dead skins, flakes, and other micro-particles, and sanitise


Take a look at our testimonials and gallery to see how much different Ultimo Cleaning can make to your carpet at home or office!
Jennifer Huang
Jennifer Huang
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Prompt reply and upholstery cleaning service rendered. Engaged their cleaning on two mattresses and L-shaped sofa and carpet stain removal cleaning. As we do not have hot weather recently, our carpet is not able to dry totally and has a little bit more odour, the company arranged a 2nd carpet cleaning and stain removal service the very next day. Very responsive and helpful. Thumbs up on their carpet cleaning and stain removal service. Will engage them again and recommend to my neighbours. 😊

Our delicate carpet cleaning and stain removal process at Ultimo Cleaning is suitable for different types of carpets which includes:

Oriental Carpets

Persian Carpets

Chinese Carpets

Afghan Carpets

Turkish Carpets

Antique Rugs Silk Carpets

Synthetic Carpets

Cotton Carpets

Wool Carpets

Polyester Carpets

Nylon Carpets

Olefin Carpets

Handmade Carpets