Car Interior Cleaning

Are you bothered by the dust or odours in your vehicle? Make your car's interior feel brand new with our car interior cleaning service!

Car interior cleaning is a problem for the majority of car owners in Singapore. Car upholstery like seats and carpets will slowly collect dust and filth, and you won’t realise how dirty they are until you start cleaning them.

As the car is being used frequently, dirt, stains, grime, and odours will accumulate on the car seats. We will bring additional dirt and grime into our car. We also drop food crumbs, spills, and stains on our car seats every time we eat or drink. Merely sitting in our car will leave dead skin cells, hair, and other waste behind.

As a result, car interior cleaning, especially upholstery deep cleaning, is necessary to keep our car interior clean at all times. At Ultimo Cleaning, we offer the best car interior cleaning services in Singapore. We offer on-site doorstep service where we send our skilled staff to clean your car seats at your place, or you can come down to our workshop at Tai Seng if you’re nearby!

We can meet all of your needs, and we strive to surpass your expectations.

Professional Car Interior cleaning

With our 5-steps car interior cleaning process, you’ll feel clean as you’ve never experienced before!

Deep Vacuuming

Remove dust and dust mite inside the car


Remove odours smell on car carpets or seats


Soft tip power brushing to break stains on car carpets or seats

170 degree Hot Water Extraction

Remove dead skins, flakes, and other micro-particles on car carpets or seats
Steaming & Sanitisation icon upholstery cleaning singapore ultimo cleaning services

Steaming & Sanitisation

Kills bacteria and germs on car carpets or seats


Take a look at our testimonials and gallery to see how much difference Ultimo Car Interior Cleaning could make to your car seats and carpets!
Bryan Yap
Bryan Yap
JANUARY 26, 2019
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I spilled fish soup into my car and it seeped into the main car carpet & the insulation pad. I thought my car was a goner & I’d need to live with the stench for the rest of my car ownership till a friend of mine recommended me Bobby’s services. He is VERY meticulous with my car, covering ALL angles of the carpet from steaming, scrubbing, disinfecting & vacuuming. I dare say that the stench has been eradicated FULLY with no more traces! Bobby’s cleaning services are definitely recommended to anyone who is facing similar situations like me. However, do note that you’d need to unbolt the car seats & disassemble some parts of the car interior so that Bobby can have full access to the car’s interior. Once again thank you for helping me with my mess, Bobby!